Jonathan Robb left high-school with the dream of becoming a writer.

He enrolled in tertiary education and, after completing a writing course, quickly decided he needed a job to fund the pursuit of this dream.

Jonathan trained as a nurse and eventually moved from Australia to London, where he spent his days working as a nurse in the homes and community of his patients.

He then went and fell in love with an Austrian and now lives in Vienna, where he lives in married bliss and tries to acclimatise to the cold winters.

He has written articles for the American Journal of Nursing and Tor.com.

You can contact Jonathan at jonathan.robb@gmx.com

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  2. I just read your article on Tor.com on how fantasy helps us cope with the world. I completely agree, and have used fantasy as a coping mechanism practically my whole 50+ years. This is a theme I keep hearing. You should check out the new book by S.A. Bradley, Screaming for Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy. It hits on a similar theme as your article, but using horror.

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