Jonathan Robb left high-school with the dream of becoming a writer.

He enrolled in tertiary education and, after completing a writing course, quickly decided he needed a job to fund the pursuit of this dream.

Jonathan trained as a nurse and eventually moved from Australia to London, where he currently spends his days working as a nurse in the homes and community of his patients.

He has written articles for the American Journal of Nursing and Tor.com.

You can contact Jonathan at jonathan.robb@gmx.com



  1. nvqfsy@gmail.com · July 20, 2015

    Thank you for the great info! I would not have gotten this otherwise!

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  3. Laurel · November 29

    I just read your article on Tor.com on how fantasy helps us cope with the world. I completely agree, and have used fantasy as a coping mechanism practically my whole 50+ years. This is a theme I keep hearing. You should check out the new book by S.A. Bradley, Screaming for Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy. It hits on a similar theme as your article, but using horror.

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